La Ramona

Costa Rica
Pineapple, berries, apple
Roast degree:
Light / light medium
Named after a neighbour who lived nearby the farm, La Ramona is situated in the Central Valley, the heart of coffee production in Costa Rica. Known for its high elevations, rich volcanic soils, and distinct wet and dry periods – this area is home to a significant portion of the country’s coffee producers. Back in the 18th Century, Don Patricio Hernández Barquero began La Ramona. Since then, the farm has passed down four generations, now owned, and run by Julian Chavarría. Today, the family have worked to produce and export coffee grown in harmony with the surrounding wilderness, whilst working to improve quality over the years. Soil from the farm is analysed every two years with guidance provided by ICAFE about the best methods to adjust fertilizer components, improving the pH and potential for quality coffee. No herbicides or pesticides are utilized within the farm to ensure the health of the coffee trees and quality is maintained. Climate change is a looming threat, as temperatures are gradually increasing, and rainfall is becoming more erratic and unpredictable with droughts and floods increasing. To mitigate these threats, the team at La Ramona are working to increase shade trees to protect the coffee and provide support for the health of the soil. The coffee from this lot is selectively hand-picked and examined for quality before being processed.
Suited for:
Special moments
 200 SEK
250g whole beans.
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Costa Rica
La Ramona
Caturra and Catuaí
La Ramona
Caturra and Catuaí
1,300 metres above sea level
Julian Chavarría
Central Valley
Costa Rica
Total size of farm:
1 hectare
Area under coffee: