This is
big High 5™

Hi. I’m Erik. And I fucking love coffee. There you have it. Straight up. Just like a cup of Big High 5.
"We want every sip of coffee
to satisfy like the crisp smack of
your palm against someone else's after getting shit done!"

What does that take?

It takes raw materials that were farmed and sourced by people who pay attention. It takes a lifelong love of turning a simple crop into a moment that bears repeating. And it takes a desire to bring coffee back down to earth.
Our offer dances to the tune of the seasons. We won’t play you cool jazz when it’s time to bebop. Count Basie on us to provide coffee that percolates on your palate like a perfect playlist.
Making the perfect coffee is a slow burn. We take our sweet-and-low time, roasting in small batches of lovingly selected beans until they sing like Chet Baker.
We raise each beautiful bean to the sky and bid it farewell on its way to your taste buds, knowing we’ve done all we can to satisfy your five senses. Brew it, don’t screw it, Dolemite.
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