La Esperanza

Fully washed
Bruised plum, Mango, Creamy
Roast degree:
Expanding across the eastern slopes of the Andes in the central West of Colombia is the department of Tolima. This region is the third-largest coffee producing area in Colombia thanks to its climbing altitudes and ideal climates. Additionally, the Magdalena River basin carves through Tolima, bringing freshwater and nutrients to the soils. It is here where William Buitrago grows coffee on his 5-hectares of land called La Esperanza. He not only grows exceptional coffee but also raises bees for honey. A ton of honey is produced from his 30 colonies each year, and with the presence of these pollinators, it is an added natural benefit to the coffee trees on the farm. The two are deeply connected, especially when flowering occurs and bees travel from one blossom to another, helping make it a successful harvest months later. William lives with his wife, Aminta, and his children Mauricio and Geraldine, on the farm. They work together to manage the coffee and the bees. The river La China is nearby, with wonderful natural waterfalls making it a truly wondrous place. After the cherries are handpicked, they are pulped to remove the external fruit and washed. The beans then undergo a mixed fermentation for two days before being dried in the open sun on patios with removable roofs. This coffee was selected due to its high quality, by our partners in Colombia, Pergamino Coffee Exporters. William is new to the organization and hopes to maintain his quality and grow more specialty coffee.
Suited for:
Coffee lovers
 180 SEK
250g whole beans.
Contact us if you want the beans ground.

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La Esperanza
Caturra & Colombia
Fully washed
La Esperanza
Caturra & Colombia
Fully washed
2030 meters above sea level
William Buitrago
China Alta, Ibagué
Total size of farm:
11 hectares
Area under coffee:
5 hectares