Las Barreras

El Salvador
Fully washed
Pomegranate, fig, sugarcane
Roast degree:
Light medium to medium
Finca Las Barreras is owned and managed by Joaquin Palomo. Originally an agricultural economist, Joaquin purchased Finca Las Barreras four years ago with hopes to execute his agricultural knowledge. With many years of agricultural experience, including coffee production, Joaquin was prepared to take the next step and purchase his own farm to create a sustainable coffee farm producing high quality coffee. After the Red Icatu trees for this lot are carefully handpicked, they are transported to the mill. Here, the coffee is pulped, removing the exterior fruit from the coffee seed. Next, the coffee is fermented for 24 hours before being evenly dispersed to dry in the open sun for 14 days. Joaquin employs 10 workers throughout the year to maintain the 56 hectares of coffee and an additional 120 temporary workers during the harvest. He also works with the local community to provide meals and supplies to the school.
Mellow Yellow
Suited for:
Most brewing methods
 130 SEK
250g whole beans.
Contact us if you want the beans ground.

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El Salvador
Finca Las Barreras
Red Icatu
Fully washed and sun-dried on clay patios
Finca Las Barreras
Red Icatu
Fully washed and sun-dried on clay patios
1,315 to 1,480 metres above sea level
Joaquin Palomo
Cantón San Juan Los Planes
El Balsamo-Quetzaltepec Mountain Range
El Salvador
Total size of farm:
56 hectares
Area under coffee: