Kiajibbi AA

Fully washed
Grape, rhubarb, raspberry
Roast degree:
Light / Light Medium
First established in 1970, the Kiajibbi Estate and Washing Station are owned and run by the Rioki Estate. The Kiajibbi farm dates to 1911 when it was first planted with coffee by a British farmer. Situated within the Kiambu County, this region is well-known for coffee production in Kenya. However, in recent years, climate change, unstable prices, increased cost of inputs and lack of capital have led to the decrease in coffee production within the area. Nearly 23 hectares of land are protected as forest, with plans in place to introduce environmental programs to increase this area in the future. The impact of climate change has already caused a lack of rain, leading to decreased production. However, the Estate hopes to introduce solar power irrigation to improve drought conditions. After selective hand-picking, the cherries are brought to the mill for sorting. A 4-disc pulper removes the exterior pulper of the cherries prior to being moved to fermentation tanks. Once fermentation is complete, the coffee is pushed through washing channels and carefully placed on raised tables. This sun-drying process takes roughly 20 days until the desired moisture content is obtained. There, the parchment is carefully examined for defects before being bagged and palletized to prepare for delivery to the dry mill to be hulled.
Black Franciscan
Suited for:
Filter brews
 170 SEK
250g whole beans.
Contact us if you want the beans ground.

More information

Kiajjibbi Coffee Estate
SL 28, SL 24 & Ruiru 11
Fully washed & sun dried on raised beds
Kiajjibbi Coffee Estate
SL 28, SL 24 & Ruiru 11
Fully washed & sun dried on raised beds
1,500 – 1,800 meters above sea level
Rioki Estate Company Limited
Kiambu County
Total size of farm:
Area under coffee:
128.5 hectares